TEXAS – ‘Naughty Neighbors’ face HOA lawsuit

What to do when your HOA has a Swinger’s Club?

HOA Reform Coalition

USA TODAY:  ‘Naughty Neighbors’ face HOA lawsuit
By Todd Unger, WFAA-TV
June 3, 2015

CRESSON, Texas — The Hills of Bear Creek is a sprawling, gated subdivision with a quiet pace and big homes.

But in December, neighbors started noticing one home in particular drawing dozens of cars at odd hours. The homeowners association has now filed a lawsuit against the owner of the residence, saying he is operating an improper swingers club.

The suit was filed on Friday in Parker County District Court.

It names Randy Scott Carter, the owner of a 4,000-square foot home off Hidden Meadow Court, as the defendant.

“It’s a swingers club, so to speak,” said Chase Patterson, who lives directly next door to Carter. “Mass amounts of traffic, people at the front gate that don’t know each other. Definitely not a family reunion.”  Read more:

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