HOA Reform Coalition (TX) says “It’s Time to Fight”

Posted by Deborah Goonan


From the Home Page of HOA Reform Coaliltion, Texas

Beanie Adolph – Director, Nancy Kozanecki – Assistant Director

It’s Time to Fight

Homeowners had no warning. Homeowners didn’t surrender. Quietly and without fanfare, the Texas legislature took away our property rights and gave them to the HOA Industry: the lawyers who run foreclosure factories, property managers who charge us for their own irresponsible management, and boards that would deny us liberty in our own homes.

Too often, homeowners only learn of the HOA Industry control when they get hit by exorbitant and unlimited attorney fees and fines, liens, and foreclosures, or when a cabal takes over their community, frustrates fair voting, meets secretly, and hides records.

Homeowners want an end to HOA abuse. Now is the time for better laws, in areas such as:

Fair elections
Open Meetings
Open Records
By-Laws and CC&R (deed restriction) changes by member vote only
No fines
All key documents, including financial and history of lawsuits, on the web for easy access
State Agency Oversight – independent of the HOA Industry
Member approval required for foreclosure
Yet, even as HOAs increase their control of owners’ daily lives, the HOA industry opposes any change, any regulation labeling it “government control”. They have it exactly backwards. The HOA is the out-of-control agency. We want to end bad statutes that give excessive power to invasive lawyers, property managers, and boards. Our goal is to restore fundamental constitutional rights – to allow all members to have a voice in self-governance and to promote harmony rather than division in communities.

Preview of HOA Reform Coalition: It’s Time to Fight. View Welcome message and recent Texas legislation here:


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