Update: Tymber Skan (FL) evictions underway

Posted by Deborah Goonan

Residents being evicted from Tymber Skan Condos Thursday
By: Bob Kealing, News Reporter, rkealing@hearst.com
Published On: Jul 30 2015 06:53:13 AM EDT

Updated On: Jul 31 2015 05:30:06 AM EDT

An Orange County community will be forced to pack up and leave their homes on Thursday.

Moving day has arrived at the troubled and crime-ridden Tymber Skan Condominiums, and neighbors received their eviction notice only a few days ago.

The homeowner’s association is telling them it’s not safe to live in certain homes, and there is no insurance should they be harmed.

The apartment complex sent residents a letter last week claiming that the building doesn’t meet state health and safety standards.

Resident Cecilia Thomas, who was shot 11 times while watching television inside her home, said the bullet holes are still there and remind her every day about the situation she’s living in.

Like many others at the Tymber Skan condos, Thomas wants to move but has nowhere else to go.

“You think I’m here by choice? I’m not here by choice. A lot of people came here, because they can’t get an apartment anywhere else,” Thomas said.

WESH 2 News has not been able to get into contact with the property manager, who advised residents that they have until July 30 to leave.

“If you’re going to put us out, at least help us find somewhere to go. Help us. You know? Don’t just throw us out like we are animals or something. I’m really upset about it,” said another resident, Jerletha Cosby.

Residents, who have met an exception of eviction by having a legitimate lease or living in a unit owned by the home owners’ association, do not have to leave by Thursday.

“I would like to get my money back or something,” said one resident who did not wish to be identified by WESH 2 News.

Many residents said they don’t know if they fit the exception and are uncertain whether they’ll be spending the night in their apartments Thursday.

The county plans to demolish 11 of the remaining 41 homes by next year.

The head of Tymber Skan’s homeowner’s association said they’ll start trespassing squatters that remain living in the units. Officials were also out Thursday, looking at the condos for cancer causing asbestos.


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