Texas HOA threatens legal action over energy efficient roof

By Deborah Goonan

Why are so many Homeowners’ Associations against any change that is good for the environment? I’m reading quite a few stories along those lines lately. The latest one involves a couple of homeowners from Round Rock, TX. When their roof starting leaking and needed repairs, it seems they had the sheer audacity to replace their roof with a different type of shingle. They opted for a lighter color and a more energy-efficient material that will help reduce their heating and cooling costs. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

But the Architectural Control Committee of their HOA did not approve this change. So now Sendero Springs HOA wants Susan Hu and Mike Landrus to remove a brand new roof and replace it with one using an “approved” type and color of shingle. That would cost the homeowners an additional $14,000.

The homeowners have appealed to the Board, citing their rationale for choosing what is arguably a better-quality product for their roof. There is a petition containing 350 neighbor signatures supporting the homeowners’ right to choose a product that saves energy and money in utility costs.

Let’s hope the HOA Board uses some common sense and issues a variance or even modifies their architectural standards. It seems like most homeowners would also like more freedom to choose how to improve their own homes.

What a concept.

Source Article, with video: (KEYE TV)


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