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Posted By Deborah Goonan

Thanks to one of my readers, Andrea, who forwarded this great blog, complete with videos and a podcast, produced by 99% Invisible in Oakland, CA. To listen to the podcast – which runs about 15 minutes (18 minutes with credits) – you will need to download a FREE app called SoundCloud. Believe me, it’s worth a few extra minutes to do that. Or, if you prefer, you can read the blog and view the video snippets.

This episode, entitled “Lawn Order” explores why we spend billions of dollars each year on creating and maintaining the perfect green lawn, and expect our neighbors to do the same. It will get you thinking. And you’ll enjoy the clever use of humor as well. I won’t spoil it with further details. Listen and see for yourself!

Episode 177: Lawn Order
By ROMAN on August 18, 2015

In communities across America, lawns that are brown or overgrown are considered especially heinous. Elite squads of dedicated individuals have been deputized by their local governments or homeowners’ associations to take action against those whose lawns fail to meet community standards.

Call them—lawn enforcement agents.

Preview, read more, or listen to podcast here:

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