Victory for HOA homeowners: Judge rules Purple Playground can stay!


By Deborah Goonan

More good news! Yesterday, the Stout family was informed that their children’s back yard playground can stay, despite Raintree Lake Homeowners’ Association’s objections. 

The Stout family has gained national attention over the dispute with their HOA, and were even threatened with jail time if they refused to remove the playground. Their neighbors overwhelmingly supported the family’s right to keep the playground, saying that they were certainly not affected or offended by its purple color. Online reports of the dispute garnered thousands of comments (one report had over 7000 comments), almost all of them critical of the HOA’s stance and in support of the family. 

According to the report, the Judge ruled that the HOA could not support its case for forcing the Stouts to remove the play structure. Hopefully, the HOA Board will exercise common sense, and will not appeal the Judge’s decision. 

What have we learned from this event? 

When neighbors band together to stand up for their rights, justice prevails. And when thousands of people loudly protest, the issue gets the attention it deserves. 

Definitely another step in the right direction. Kudos to the supportive neighbors in Raintree Lake HOA. Thank you to the journalists and members of the media who reported this story. And a heartfelt congratulations to the Stouts, who have been through an emotional roller coaster. Let’s hope the ride is over. 

HOA dealt defeat in judgement, purple playground gets to stay


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