Does your private HOA community have fire protection?


By Deborah Goonan

Here’s a story from Canada. The Pinchgut Lake HOA found out the hard way that the nearest fire department, located in Corner Brook (20 kilometers / 12 miles away), was unwilling to assist when a fire completely destroyed a half-million dollar home in August.

In the past, Corner Brook has assisted in fire emergencies outside its city limits, and has billed owners after the fact. However, most of that money has gone uncollected. The Mayor of Corner Brook says that the city’s taxpayers can no longer afford to provide free services to communities outside city limits.

The HOA President hopes to work out an agreement for Corner Brook to provide services to their residents as needed in the future.

When you live in a private homeowners’ association, outside of city limits and in an unincorporated area, do not assume you have city services, particularly if you are not contributing tax dollars to fund them.

This applies in the US as well as Canada.

No fire services in Pinchgut Lake a major concern, says homeowner

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