Can the HOA board prevent owners from suing?

2 thoughts on “Can the HOA board prevent owners from suing?

  1. But an HOA is not a democracy. There is no such thing as One Person, One Vote in HOAs (with the exception of some cooperatives). When a developer controls the board and retains weighted voting privileges, or when a small group of individuals controls a majority of the voting interests, that can make it impossible for the other members to vote for the change they seek and/or elect a new Board. It doesn’t matter that there are more PEOPLE who don’t like a rule or policy of the HOA — in a corporate HOA, it’s all about who holds the most voting interests.

  2. They do not understand the basics of an association, which is run by the members, and the Executive Board, not Board of Directors, make the rules and other changes. When people understand this, there should be no lawsuits only discussions with a members vote. that how it works, in a democracy. Ole

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