HOA Crime of the week: painting the garage door red

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities Blog

This story comes to us from Texas. Marilyn Davis, 89 years old, from Glencarin HOA in Harris County, has had the audacity to paint the trim and garage door of her house a shade of deep red – maroon to be precise. Davis has owned the home for 40 years, and, looking at the video below, you can see the property is impeccably maintained. But the HOA has restrctions on the color of garage doors: they can only be painted white, almond, or brown. The trim (shutters, doors and window frames) can be other colors approved by the HOA, but “trim” does not include the garage door.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

Now take a good look at the ABC 13 Eyewintess News video.



If I may be so bold…

isn’t is painfully obvious that every house in Glencarin was built in the 1970s? The look is so “harmonious” that these homes look exactly the same as the day they were built! Is that really a good thing? Or do you think that today’s buyers might appreciate homes that have more updated looks from the current century? Maybe a bit of originality would be desirable? It’s not as though mass produced homes of the disco era possess any particular architectural significance or character. And I say that as the former owner of a 1970s split level home.

According to John Fenoglio of News 13, the HOA is threatening legal action over the color of the garage door. Is this really about the color of the garage door? Why pick on an 89-year old great grandmother that uses a walker, and probably owns her house free and clear?

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