HOA Flag Flap of the Month: Utah

By Deborah Goonan


Ah, American “democracy” at work in Chestnut Place Condominium Association, Murray, Utah. A few Board members, including the Board President, are tired of looking at “Flag Row.” The Board majority has decreed that the American flag is a “holiday decoration” that must be removed within 10 days of a holdiay. They want uniformity. Fly your flag outside of the common areas, where those owners bothered by it will not have to see it.

No homeowner vote on this new rule. This was the whim of the Board majority. Owners are now being fined $75 and being ordred to take down the flags. That’s not sitting well with many of the resdents.

So homeowners decide to put the matter on the agenda and attend the Board meeting. They want to have their voices heard, and convince the Board to back off on its unreasonable, possibly illegal rule. No apathy here! Democracy at work, right?

Not so fast! When the Board — missing one member — and their attorney see a room full of angry owners and local media, the President decides to cancel the meeting at the last minute. No one is allowed to speak to the Board.

Some owners are calling for a special meeting. And now there’s talk of a recall. And maybe a lawsuit.

Don’t you just love the sense of community?

Check out the video here, and the comment section:


1 thought on “HOA Flag Flap of the Month: Utah

  1. Lyn Steinberg needs to read Utah Law. I hope they don’t choke on the crow they are about to eat.

    57-8a-219. Display of the flag.
    (1) An association may not prohibit a lot owner from displaying a United States flag inside a dwelling or limited common area or on a lot, if the display complies with United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, The Flag.

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