Victory for HOA homeowners over American flag display

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities Blog



Another little victory for homeowners. Last week in Chestnut Place Condo Association in Murray, Utah, homeowners were being fined for flying the American flag in front of their homes. The HOA cancelled a meeting at the last minute when dozens of homeowners and the media showed up.

The HOA Attorney even made an attempted explanation in defense of the Board’s right to regulate flag diplays. (you can read it here, including some interesting reader comments)

But in this case, the power of the people prevailed. Involvement by all those once apathetic homeowners has resulted in the HOA president’s resignation. The HOA is no longer enforcing its rules against displaying the flag, so homeowners are putting them back up.

You can read about it here, and watch the video from KUTV.


Murray American flag fiasco dies down as HOA president resigns


Murray, Utah — (KUTV) A fight over the American flag in a Murray neighborhood has ended with a white flag.

Six days after a heated confrontation, this battle in the Chestnut Place neighborhood appears to be over.

The Homeowners Association president has resigned, and the resistance against the American flag flying outside of holidays seems to be lessened.

“I wanted to fly my flag and not be harassed for it,” said Erin Worthen, a resident of the neighborhood. “That’s all I’ve wanted from the beginning.”

Last Thursday, Worthen faced down her HOA board. The association had fined Worthen and others for failing to remove their flags within 10 days after a holiday.

“We’re only trying to regulate,” HOA president Lyn Steenbergen told 2News last Thursday. “We have nothing wrong with the flags flying.”

But residents were furious, and they let Steenbergen and other board members know it.

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