Landlords, HOAs should respect property rights

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Virginia attorney John Colby Cowherd has a passion for protecting individual property rights for both homeowners and tenants. In the article linked below, he shares his concerns about the recent unusual circumstances in San Bernardino.

There, the landlord of a dwelling occupied by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the couple responsible for terrorist activities in a health care clinic, opened the doors to the apartment to media.

The home was also occupied by the couple’s infant and Farook’s mother. Attorney Cowherd discusses implications of this controversial “open doors” policy on landlord responsibilities and tenant rights.


San Bernardino Landlord Holds Controversial Open House

By John Colby Cowherd

Was the California landlord to the terrorist couple entitled to open up the rental property to the news media? Internet videos show a frenzied swarm of camera crews exploring every cabinet and closet. So what if the San Bernardino landlord holds controversial open house? Commentators raised questions about preservation of evidence in the criminal investigation. There is also an ethics-in-journalism element. Given the heinousness of the crimes and public interest in foiling future attacks, it’s easy to overlook the landlord-tenant legal issues raised when tenants use a rental for criminal purposes and some die before termination of the lease. This story is of interest to any landlord with elderly tenants or who rents in a community with a crime problem.

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