Happy New Year from Independent American Communities!


Wishing you a new year filled with Peace and Wonder.

Thanks for reading! See you in 2017!


4 Replies to “Happy New Year from Independent American Communities!”

  1. Same to you, and thank you so much for bring awareness to homeowners who live in HOAs. We as homeowners must do our part to help more homeowners understand that we must stand strong to change our state laws to protect us as homeowners, and not the HOA industry, who has grown too powerful at our expense. We as homeowners owe this to ourselves and our property and civil rights. The HOA Industry continues to commit crimes on a daily basis. Without your voice how can we as homeowners regain our rights, which you have never had under current laws in each state. Right the injustices done, lets pray and hope 2017 is even stronger for HOA Reform.


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