Recipe for HOA abuse: too much power, no accountability

During this holiday weekend, and pause from Legislative activities, a reminder of what happens when a group of individiausl – backed by industry “experts” – is allowed to wield way too much power.

Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Reports of fed up, frustrated, and fearful owners of property in association-governed communities continue to pop up all across the U.S.

Rebecca Lindstrom of 11 Alive interviews several homeowners of Greythorne, a Douglas County homeowners association, and their stories and complaints repeat a familiar pattern.

How far is too far: Do homeowner associations have too much power?

Rebecca Lindstrom, WXIA 10:43 PM. EDT March 27, 2017

DOUGLAS CO., GA – When we started exposing the seemingly unbridled power of homeowner and community associations, viewers sounded off. We received emails describing HOA’s as “horrible and greedy.” Some accused their boards of conspiring to “violate the law and victimize homeowners.” One viewer in Kennesaw asked “how are volunteers allowed by our law to have such a tremendous amount of authority over someone’s property?”

Investigator Rebecca Lindstrom found one neighborhood in Douglas County desperate to find a…

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