What is the root cause of HOA dysfunction?

Throwback Thursday. Worth repeating.

Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

To solve any problem, it helps to identify its cause or causes.

So as we attempt to tackle social and economic problems plaguing many of our association-governed, common interest communities, we need to look beyond the increasingly obvious abuse and HOA horror stories, and recognize that we have built this model of community housing on a false foundation.

What are the building blocks in that foundation? What is causing instability in HOAs of all types and sizes?

Is it apathy?

It has been said by experts in the industry, as well as some homeowner advocates, that apathy is at the root of all HOA problems. And, yes, apathy is a problem. But, in my personal opinion it is not the root cause of HOA dysfunction and corruption.

Apathy is merely a symtpom, and, in fact, it is deliberately cultivated by the industry.

For the most…

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