IAC Reader poll: HOAs and property values



3 Replies to “IAC Reader poll: HOAs and property values”

  1. At least in my HOA neighborhood there are 5 foreclosures, 3 of which are on the same street. Everyone of them but one has a lien on it from the HOA. How does putting a property in foreclosure help property values? Out side of an HOA foreclosures are a bad thing to runs your property value down. This is so insane for people to actually think this business model is working.


  2. I see two sides of this question – as a homeowner and as one who owns rentals. In terms of neighborhood standards, an HOA can help monitor basics like weed control, parking on front lawns, building of structures that do not conform to neighborhood structures. In the best of circumstances, some HOAs sponsor community events that can bring people together. That is the good.

    On the other side, HOA boards can work in isolation that eventually leads to secrecy and power grabs, making decisions that are questionable. When members attempt to get involved, our dues are used to pay HOA attorneys that threaten us with action to enforce silence and acquiescence.

    And finally, as time passes many issues arise that HOAs were never designed to deal with. You have kept us informed on these…construction defects, disintegrating golf courses and club houses, etc. Prior to HOAs, cities had the muscle and leverage to deal with these. Now HOAs are suffering, under financed to deal with these issues.


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