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HOA Issue #4: AZ court ruling on HOA power to fine: a game changer in the industry?

Oct. 2017: Arizona appeals court rules that, before an HOA can legally fine a resident, it must first publish a schedule of reasonable fines. HOA

HOA Issue #5: Is your HOA legally obligated to maintain the common areas?

When you purchased your HOA home, were you sold on a low-maintenance lifestyle? NJ and IN courts rule on duties of homeowners, condo associations.  

HOA Issue #6: It’s time to deregulate homeowners and restore private property rights

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities   Originally published February 11, 2018 In legislative sessions across the U.S., states consider bills intended to rein in

HOA Issue #7: Homeowners need new ways to pay for HOA private roads

Private neighborhood roads across the nation are in desperate need of repair. Residents seek help from local governments.   An infrastructure maintenance crisis is underway

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