Introducing Zonzon – Collaborate with neighbors to solve HOA problems

One of the most common complaints I hear from residents of HOA-governed communities — my HOA controls all communication channels, making it difficult to discuss HOA issues with other members of the community.

When property owners want to talk about deferred HOA maintenance, selective enforcement of rules and restrictions, or high HOA fees and special assessments, wouldn’t it be great if they could overcome these HOA barriers and find a quick and easy way to reach out to their neighbors?

Is your HOA causing you stress? Start by communicating with your neighbors

Homeowners often assume they must handle HOA disputes alone.

But there’s a good chance that several of your neighbors have similar concerns and complaints. They may be experiencing the same frustrations with your HOA board and management.

Some common HOA complaints I hear about:

  • Nasty covenant violation letters, including threats to fine
  • refusal of the HOA to approve exterior improvements to their home,
  • HOA fee billing errors,
  • unfair collection practices, high attorney fees
  • threats to foreclose on their homes,
  • HOA parking tickets and vehicle towing,
  • lack of financial transparency from the board and management,

Ideally, it’s best to discuss HOA community issues with your neighbors in person. But in today’s environment, it is critical to also have virtual communication tools like the Zonzon app to connect and collaborate with members of your community.

Unlike social media platforms (Facebook, Nextdoor), you don’t have to worry about data mining or having your posts and comments filtered or censored by HOA group admins.  Your communication on Zonzon is private within only your community and is user-driven.

Best of all, the Zonzon app is free to download and share with your neighbors.

Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised to find mutual support for your concerns, making it possible for owners and residents to organize a group effort toward positive change in your community.

Learn more about Zonzon here, or contact the app’s Founder & CEO, Samuel Pilli directly. 650.278.0333

 Disclosure: I’m one of several advisors and consultants to Zonzon. 

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