Supreme Court: Government powers delegated to corporations are bound by Constitutional Law

by Deborah Goonan  A recent Supreme Court ruling involving the legal status of AMTRAK seems to relate directly to the legal status of Association-Governed Communities,

Florida Appeals Court Decides CC&Rs Trump State Law

by Deborah Goonan Florida HOA industry proponents are all abuzz about a recent District Court ruling. The Fourth District Court of Appeals (DCA) has clarified

Comparing Homeowners’ Associations to Local Government: In Conclusion

by Deborah Goonan This concludes the blog series  – Are Homeowner and Condo Associations “Mini-Governments?” – comparing the typical governance structure of HOAs (using the term generically) to

HOAs are a throwback to medieval feudalism

George Staropoli makes an interesting comparison of homeowners’ associations to medieval feudalistic communities.

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