Have you had to pay a dreaded HOA special assessment?

Shared by Deborah Goonan Out Come The Checkbooks In Visalia, California Originally published on Neighbors at War, Ward Lucas (Sept 5, 2015) guest blog by

Homeowners in legal war allege retaliation by condo board

Posted by Deborah Goonan Another day, another report of conflict and power struggle in a condo association. This one is located in Margate, FL. The

HOA cannot guarantee your lake view, safety

By Deborah Goonan You’ve seen the advertisements boasting “lake view” lots in many planned communities, sometimes adorned with lovely water fountains. In fact, you might

Brunswick, OH homeowners facing expensive retention pond repairs

By Deborah Goonan Retention ponds are a very common feature of today’s densely populated planned communities. In nearly all cases, there is a homeowners’ association

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