Homeowners caught in middle of legal dispute could lose their homes

By Deborah Goonan Now here’s a bizarre situation. Channel 9 News Orlando reports that several homeowners have had liens placed on their homes by One

Let’s Get Some National Attention on HOA, Housing Issues

By Deborah Goonan Calling all concerned advocates and professionals: while many of you have been making efforts to improve living conditions for HOA residents within

HOA Reform Coalition (TX) says “It’s Time to Fight”

Posted by Deborah Goonan From the Home Page of HOA Reform Coaliltion, Texas Beanie Adolph – Director, Nancy Kozanecki – Assistant Director It’s Time to

Is the Homeowners Associations house of cards starting to fall?

Originally posted on Neighbors at War Whoa! Is this the Beginning?!? By Ward Lucas There are some scattered court cases which may have an interesting

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