Do HOAs hoard excessive amounts of private land?

Shared By Deborah Goonan Here’s a well-written personal account by CNN’s Ann O’Neill. She explains what it feels like to be harassed and threatened for

Another HOA Community Divided

By Deborah Goonan Now that school is back in session in Florida, getting the children to and from school has become a divisive issue in

City of Bakersfield to Rio Bravo HOA: You’re on your own

By Deborah Goonan If flood waters started to take over your neighborhood, who would you call for help? What if you dialed 911, but nobody

Who has greater property rights: the HOA or individual homeonwers?

Posted by Deborah Goonan Here’s an example of how HOA Boards attempt to change the rules of the HOA game, often without homeowners’ knowledge. And

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