HOAs are a throwback to medieval feudalism

George Staropoli makes an interesting comparison of homeowners’ associations to medieval feudalistic communities.

Pool Party fiasco at Craig Ranch

By Deborah Goonan ICYMI, here’s the uncut video of Officer Eric Casebolt in action at Friday night’s incidents in McKinney, Texas.  NPR reports that it

HOA MicroManagement: When Do Rules Go Too Far?

By Deborah Goonan Rules and Restrictive Covenants (Deed Restrictions) are key features of Association-governed “communities” such as Homeowners and Condominium Associations and Cooperatives. All civilized

Let’s dispel some myths about the “contractual” nature of HOAs and Condos

By Deborah Goonan In a recent lengthy online discussion forum, on the topic of an Association’s rules regarding display of flags, there was some vigorous

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