New CA law requires condo associations to report on FHA/VA certification status

Posted By Deborah Goonan Commentary: Interesting new law in California. The video on FHA/VA loan shortages is particularly enlightening. The hope is that owners will

Opinion: FL legislation will harm, not help Condo and Homeowners’ Association residents

By Deborah Goonan I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am thoroughly disgusted by the nature of HOA legislation that has passed the 2015 Legislative

NJ bill proposing state regulation of homeowners’ associations faces stiff opposition

As HOAs become more common, so do the conflicts between homeowners and their HOA Boards. A Common Interest Community bill that recently passed the Assembly

A Community Manager’s Perpective: The Wheels on the Bus (How HOAs prop up municipalities and counties)

Reprint from California Association of Community Manager’s (CACM) 2015 Summer Edition of Vision Magazine. By: Vicki MacHale, CCAM, CMCA In 1978, Proposition 13, The People’s

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