HOA Experts working for consumers

As a service to readers, Independent American Communities provides the following list for information and educational purposes only. Some of the experts listed below are attorneys. Consumers are advised to use good judgment and discretion when selecting legal representation. 

Legislative information provided by individual experts may be specific to certain states, and is subject to change as new laws are enacted or existing laws are amended. 

IAC does not engage in official endorsements, compensated or uncompensated.

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Experts are listed alphabetically by last name.


Shu Bartholomew, host of On the Commons, OTC Multimedia Productions, broadcast on WEBR Fairfax Radio. Weekly radio program, guest interviews, discussions of issues involving all forms of association-governed, common interest housing in the U.S.

Current and recent podcasts:


Full archive available here:



John Colby Cowherd, Attorney (VA and DC), represents homeowners and business owners in matters related to real estate and community association disputes

Selected HOA-related articles:

Stop Explaining Community Associations Law the Wrong Way

Condo Owner Prevails on Her Request for Attorney Fees

Overcoming Delay Tactics in Arbitration

The Surface Water Diversion Blame Game


Bill Davis, Attorney (TX), representing homeowners in matters of Real Estate law, Consumer Protection

Podcasts featuring Bill Davis can be found at On The Commons


Jonathan Dessaules, Attorney (AZ), representing home and business owners in Real Estate disputes

Legal blog about various HOA and real estate topics

On the Commons podcast


David Kahne, Attorney (TX), advocate for HOA reform legislation.

On the Commons podcast


Shelly Marshall, advocate and author. Both books include specific tips and suggestions for homeowners to oust an over-controlling HOA board, and bring peace and democracy back to the community.

HOA Warrior: Battle Tactics for Fighting your HOA, all the way to court if necessary Kindle Edition  

HOA WARRIOR II: Responding to Pets, Paint, & Parking in Your HOA: (templates, forms, letters, and philosophy to use when dealing with your board or when you become the board) Kindle Edition  


George Staropoli, Arizona advocate and founder of Citizens for Constitutional Local Government. Author of e-book series, HOA Common Sense: Rejecting private government.

CAI 2016 Factbook: looking into the ‘facts’ (perphaps CAI’s statistical facts are a bit too consistent?)
Ryan Torrens, Attorney (FL), foreclosure defense. Also advocates for consumer protection legislation.

On the Commons podcast


Donie Vanitzian, JD, California Arbitrator and Mediator, LA Times columnist, author of Villa Appalling! Destroying the Myth of Affordable Community Living

Selected columns:

Mediation and arbitration are often ploys to gather evidence in disputes

Without suing, owner is locked in a losing battle with HOA board

Associations: Tips on representing yourself in court against association lawyers

The time to protect your real property assets is before any HOA litigation

It’s not a waste of money to have an attorney review an HOA management contract

Establishing an email trail for HOA litigation isn’t as easy as it seems

Making an insurance claim can be far superior to initiating internal HOA litigation