Raisin Farmers, Homeowners Associations & The Supreme Court

by Deborah Goonan When I read Evan Bernick’s (Assistant Director at the Institute for Justice) summary of the latest Supreme Court decision involving property rights

Does the Homeowners’ Association indsutry care about sustainability?

By Deborah Goonan For all its talk about “smart growth,” the HOA industry continues to churn out communities that are anything but sustainable. In Arizona,

Toxic Chinese drywall in luxury condo: what recourse do owners have?

By Deborah Goonan A recent news report shatters the myth that shoddy construction and materials are only associated with low-end housing construction. Brickell, a luxury

Bob Norman investigates FL “Condo from Hell”

posted By Deborah Goonan Buyer beware. Even so-called luxury condominiums can face millions of dollars in needed repairs, or become victims of horrendous financial mismanagement, or

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