Kingpin of NV HOA fraud scheme sentenced to 15 1/2 years

Posted by Deborah Goonan Originally Published on Neighbors at War By Ward Lucas Nevada Judge Finally Shows Some Guts Well, good old Las Vegas mobster

HOA Reform Coalition (TX) says “It’s Time to Fight”

Posted by Deborah Goonan From the Home Page of HOA Reform Coaliltion, Texas Beanie Adolph – Director, Nancy Kozanecki – Assistant Director It’s Time to

Condo owners vs. rent-controlled apartment dwellers

By Deborah Goonan In the Los Angeles Bunker Hill community, condo owners and traditional apartment dwellers have been locked in a 3-year long legal battle

HOA Objects to Deliveries from Food Pantry

By Deborah Goonan I could hardly believe my eyes and ears when I read this article and watched the videos in the Bradenton Herald article

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