Who benefits from Lee Summit, MO HOA legal dispute over a purple playset?

Posted by Deborah Goonan Nila Ridings gives us a common sense analysis of the legal dispute over a purple playset, in this guest blog posted

Acts of kindness make for a true sense of community

by Deborah Goonan This heart-warming story stands in stark contrast to the ones we usually hear about in HOA-Land. That’s probably because this story is

Update on the Purple Playground: Video from Raintree Lakes HOA

Posted By Deborah Goonan Commentary: Raintree Lakes HOA had a meeting last night. It looks like quite a few neighbors showed up to support homeowner

‘Charlie Chairs’ Placed By Neighbors Who Care

guest blog by Nila Ridings North Houston Texas has a street named Azalea Lane. This street not only has a beautiful name, but it is

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