Let’s Get Some National Attention on HOA, Housing Issues

By Deborah Goonan Calling all concerned advocates and professionals: while many of you have been making efforts to improve living conditions for HOA residents within

More on One Person, One Vote

By Deborah Goonan Yesterday I featured a blog by Ward Lucas highlighting a documentary by the Annenberg Foundation. Here’s the link to the documentary again:

HOAs do not adhere to Democratic Principle of One Person, One Vote

Posted by Deborah Goonan Originally published on Neighbors at War One Person One Vote Ward Lucas August 4, 2015  Our frequent guest blogger, Deborah Goonan,

Selective Enforcement or Religious Discrimination?

By Deborah Goonan A couple of my readers forwarded the link to this story about Velda Rose Estates Homeowners’ Association in Mesa, Arizona. It seems

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