Want to Share Your Story From the HOA Trenches?

Do you have a story to tell?

Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan

Quite often I hear from readers who have an issue or problem in their homeowners’ or condominium association. Some of them consider taking their story to news media, hoping that shedding public light on their situation will convince their Board to come to its senses.

But many others fear that if they publicize their issue, they will face retaliation of some kind. Maybe the Board will suddenly start sending violation notices to a homeowner, threatening to fine them for minor issues. Maybe the Board will make false statements in the HOA newsletter, giving all residents impression that an owner that dares to asks questions is nothing but a troublemaker. Perhaps publicizing the name of the Association will deter buyers, making it difficult to sell the home and move elsewhere. Some owners fear for their personal safety.

The nature of HOA issues can be very complex. If an…

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