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HOA Lawsuits: Property owner challenges to HOA boards (Part 2)

When do private property restrictive covenants override state law? What makes deed restrictions valid, and part of a binding contract? Two recent HOA lawsuits shed some light on these issues.

5 similar HOA & condo building safety bills yield mixed results for housing consumers

As detailed in my previous post, Florida’s Governor signed a controversial condo safety bill following a special 2022 legislative session. Legislators had faced steep political

New Colorado law restricts HOA foreclosures and fines

A step in the right direction for protection of Homeowners’ property rights Updated Jun 14, 2022 9:07 PM EDT Last week, after months of contentious

FL Governor signs condo safety, insurance bills passed in special session

Florida homeowners may see some limited relief from two new laws that were enacted in a Special Legislative Session this year. The relevant bill numbers

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