About Independent American Communities (IAC)

The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate readers about the economic, political, and social realities of HOA governed Common Interest Developments (CIDs), also known as community associations or homeowners associations. 

Association Governed Housing communities include Mandatory Homeowners’, Condominium, Cooperative, or Property Owners’ Associations, as well as Master Planned Communities established as Special Tax Districts.

HOA Common Interest Development (CID) articles cover current events, legislative and political news analysis, market trends, and consumer protection perspectives for home buyers, homeowners, tenants, and other interested parties.

IAC documents harm to housing consumers, based upon the erroneous assumptions that HOAs protect property values, and that CIDs save local governments money.

CID- HOA issues go far beyond the sometimes crazy covenants, restrictions, and rules. At issue is how we govern and manage our communities, and the value we place on individual rights.

About Deborah Goonan


Deborah Goonan is the Administrator of Independent American Communities (IAC), a Housing Consumer Education blog focusing on HOA governed Common Interest Developments.

IAC documents legal, social, and economic challenges in U.S. association-governed common interest communities.

Goonan has authored thousands of posts on IAC, providing relevant analysis of real estate news and trends, exposing residential real estate corruption, and tracking important legislation and federal policy affecting housing consumers.

Information and analysis is aggregated from thousands of reliable and diverse sources, including print and broadcast media, trade group research, U.S. Census and HUD surveys, case law and legal publications, and personal interviews with current and former residents of association-governed communities.

Goonan supports amending state and federal policies to strengthen and uphold private property rights, civil rights, and civil liberties for housing consumers, no matter where they happen to live. Additionally, she supports common sense policies that promote a diversity of healthy living environments for U.S. residents, including Americans living on limited or modest incomes.


Disclaimer: Opinion, analysis, and information provided on Independent American Communities is NOT intended to be legal advice. This site is not intended to provide specific advice related to personal issues with your HOA. Please consult a qualified professional, such as an attorney, if you are having a problem with your HOA.

Please know that I am NOT an attorney, and that no information provided on the site or in communications with readers is to be construed as legal advice.

As a member of the independent media, my mission is to educate housing consumers and bring broad public awareness to the serious issues surrounding HOA-governed Common Interest Developments.