Connecticut Revokes Registration of Ennis Property Management

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American homeowners need to see a lot more consumer protection such as this.

Connecticut Revokes Registration of Ennis Property Management

October 29, 2015 George Gombossy
By Ct Consumer Protection Department

The Ct Real Estate Commission revoked the community association manager’s registration of Ennis Property Management, Inc., on October 7, 2015.

The Commission found that Ennis Property Management Inc. identified a condominium roof as storm damaged and then ordered replacement without the consent of the Condominium Association.

The Commission further found that Ennis Property Management Inc. paid the individual owner of the Corporation, Robert Ennis, ten percent of the replacement cost, totaling over six thousand dollars.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris said, “This should serve as a warning to all association managers to not engage in self-interested financial arrangements.”

The complainant, Donald Kennedy, speaking on behalf of Silversmith Association, who brought this issue to the Department’s attention, thanked the Department of Consumer Protection and the Real Estate Commission for their handling of this case. “The State has the responsibility to protect consumers from individuals who break the law and in this case the State did a great service for us, the consumers.”

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