Water shut off at Tymber Skan Condos

Shared by Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


In the ongoing saga of Tymber Skan in Orlando, condemnation of remaining units is imminent, now that Orange County water utility has discontinued service.

If anyone in the HOA industry tells you that private, Association-Governed Residential Communities are designed to have minimal impact on County or Municipal budgets, remind them that when Associations fail, taxpayers pick up the tab.

In this case, Tymber Skan HOA owes more than $100,000 to Orange County for water utilities alone. Add to that hundreds of thousands over the past several years for increased police services to deal with violent crime and squatters, condemnation and boarding up of buildings abandoned over more than a decade, and relocation assistance for low-income tenants. The total tab to complete condemnation and demolition of the condos will likely run into the millions.

But who can put a price on the human tragedy and total chaos that has resulted from poor, perhaps even corrupt management of this troubled association? According to WESH 2 News, 50 families have been displaced, including owners who have paid property taxes for decades, and residents who have been paying their assessments, including their water utility bills, all along.

Readers need to understand: only a few of these failed associations get extensive media coverage. Many more quietly fail without public scrutiny, owners and residents too ashamed and embarrassed to tell their story to the rest of the world.

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