Condo owners fed up with low water pressure

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


One of the selling points of condominium associations is that they are supposed to be easy to take care of, since the Association is responsible for almost maintenance concerns outside of your unit.

But what’s a homeowner to do when the condo association is slow to respond to service and repair calls?

And what if the problem is extremely low water pressure, for several weeks or more than a month? Imagine how frustrating it would be to take a shower with only a slow trickle of water, or to have to choose either running water from the sink or using the washing machine.

That’s exactly what’s going on in Alto Meadows Condo Association in Michigan.

Local television media has run 2 reports. See for yourself just how serious the problem is.

Part 1:

WZZM 13 News

Neighbors wait weeks for condo assoc. to fix water issue


The local fire department was contacted for second report. Get this: the Fire Chief says he cannot rely on fire hydrants maintained by a private condo association anyway. In the event of a fire, they’d bring tanker trucks instead.

So why should property owners be paying for useless fire hydrants?

Part 2:

WZZM 13 News

Fire chief: Condos’ water issues concerning


So is Alto Meadows a “low maintenance” community? Not really, if you do have to repeatedly call someone else to make repairs happen in a timely manner. It took a local TV media report just to get an owner an appointment with a technician to her unit.

If you own a home without a homeowner or condo association, you can probably arrange repairs much more quickly.


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