When will condemned Moline Acres condo be demolished?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Lewis & Clark Tower in Moline Acres, Missouri, stands as living proof that condo associations do not always provide carefree, affordable lifestyles. And they certainly don’t protect property values.

The condo association has seen its share of ups and downs. As seen in this interview with a retired school teacher who purchased his unit in 2011, building owners narrowly avoided condemnation in January 2014.  At the time, there were numerous electrical and plumbing code violations. Elevators and air conditioning systems did not work either.

Despite good intentions, association members were unable to pull together enough money to make all necessary repairs. So Lewis and Clark Tower was ultimately condemned about a year ago.

Recent television reports chronicle the deplorable and dangerous conditions in the building, now illegally inhabited by vagrants and criminals. The structure is infested with mold, covered in graffiti, and filled with trash and debris.

The city would like to demolish the building, but there are about 45 owners who refuse to give up their property rights. That represents only a small portion of 367 units in the 50-year-old building, but it’s enough to prevent the city from taking timely action.

Before the city can take control of the building, it must first come to some sort of agreement or settlement with the remaining owners.


You can see the condition of Lews & Clark Tower for yourself in these two videos:

Local Landmark becoming a haven for crime (KSDK.com Channel 5)



Residents: Condo buildings in Moline Acres look like a war zone (KMOV.com Channel 4)



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