Virginia regulatory agency rules HOA owner is entitled to review records

Shared By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Every little victory for homeowners counts. Here’s one from the state of Virginia.

It’s a shame that homeowners have to fight tooth and nail to gain access to records for their association. The reasons given for denying access tend to be rather lame.

And that often leaves owners wondering, “what is my Association trying to hide?”


State office rules Kingsmill association must provide homeowners with access to records

The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupation Regulation has ruled Kingsmill Community Services Association must provide Kingsmill homeowners access to association documents requested in May by John Niland, a board director of Kings-Mill United.

Niland filed a complaint with the office in October after he said KCSA denied him access to documents and records he wanted to view for his personal education as a homeowner.

According to state documents provided to the Gazette, KCSA initially denied Niland Access to the documents in a letter from their legal counsel on May 20, 2015 “because the stated purpose is not a proper purpose for the review of records.”

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