Idaho condo association won’t allow unrelated roommates as tenants

By Deborah Goonan, Indpenendent American Communities


If you’re a single adult trying to make ends meet, and you’d like to live with a roommate to share rent, then you better not move to Buffalo Junction in Driggs, Idaho.

The homeowners’ association doesn’t want neighbors that are not defined as “single family” members. Unrelated roommates do not fit the HOA’s definition of “family,” it appears.

I just can’t make this stuff up.

Read it for yourself:


Buffalo Junction HOA evicts tenants: Property managers seek answers

Aren’t there federal laws against this kind of restriction? You would think so, reading this summary from HUD.

Fair Housing-It’s Your Right


Technically, I guess the Fair Housing Act, while it protects families, does not protect unrelated individuals who willingly share an apartment.

If there’s a gray area in the law, leave it to a crafty HOA Board member to exploit it. I wonder when a lawsuit will be filed over this nonsense.

Affected tenants have since moved to friendlier surroudings – probably without an HOA.



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