Is your HOA Family Friendly?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Anyone who has ever been a parent of school age children will relate to this report.

Pebble Creek HOA in Sparks, Nevada, has decided to forbid the school bus from entering the pristine gated community to pick up and drop off the kids from elementary school.

So now the children are expected to wait for the bus outside the walls on a public sidewalk next to a busy 5-lane highway. The HOA’s explanation? They claim the kids are trashing the landscape at the entry while waiting for the bus.

But the video linked below shows no evidence of damage or even wear and tear.

And parents say that their child’s safety is more important than keeping the entry landscape in perfect condition.

Pebble Creek is advertised as a collection of spacious, upscale one-story homes on view lots. New construction is priced between $400,000 -$500,000.

I guess a big yellow bus full of school children must ruin the view, although I cannot imagine how.


KTNV news, Parents upset after bus stop is moved



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