PA condo stairway collapse

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


While we’re on the subject of shoddy construction this week, here’s another report from ABC Action News 6 in Philadelphia.

A 79-year old man injured his leg and had to be rescued by the fire department when he became trapped in a stairway that collapsed at Vestry Condominiums. According to the report, although the condominium is located in Old City, it was constructed in the 1980s. Condo Association President Mark Goulian goes on camera saying that the builder of Vestry has been known to “cut corners” on construction.

Another tidbit that caught my attention: the condo building has only one staircase in and out, with no other means of egress. How did that pass fire code, even in the 1980s?

This is a small association, and at this point it is unclear whether there is insurance that will help cover the damages and personal injury.

You can check out the TV news report here:

1 hospitalized, 5 displaced after stairway collapse in Old City |

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