GA: HOA owners furious about lack of transparency over new $135K gate

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Today I share with my readers yet another example of lack of transparency in Association-Governed Residential Communities.

Homeowners in Brighton Village, DeKalb County, Georgia, have just been blindsided, according to the following Fox 5 Atlanta news report. They say, until recently, everyone got along well, and things were running smoothly. But then new HOA Board President, Michael Pillow, took over and allegedly began making unilateral decisions, one of which was to spend $135,000 for a new security gate.

However, Board Treasurer Derick Montgomery claims that the previous HOA board of directors had voted against a new gate system, due to the fact that the association could not afford the $80,000 proposed cost. So how did the new gate system, which costs $55,000 more than the one the HOA could not afford, get the go ahead?

Homeowners want to know. And they’re not being shy or apathetic about it. They even attempted to vote in a new HOA Board. Watch the video for details.


Neighborhood Gate Opens Up HOA Troubles (Dana Fowle, Fox5Atlanta VIDEO)






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