Hilarious but true: John Oliver on Special Districts

Shared by Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities



Time for a bit of humor. Several readers have shared John Oliver’s 15 minute video on Special Taxing Districts. As you watch this video, notice all of the parallels with Association Governed Residential Communities: Homeowners Associations, Condo and Cooperative Associations, even Trailer Home and Modular Home Associations.

Yes, HOA-Land is just as potentially wasteful and corrupt as Special Districts. Dare I say that HOA absurdity and corruption is probably even worse, because Associations are corporate entities with even less accountability and strong lobbies that promote their special interests.

Watch how John uses his unique brand of humor to point out the absurdity of meetings that no one attends, rigged voting, lack of transparency, and no way to dissolve the special district. Oh, and then there’s also embezzlement and other misconduct by special district officials.

Now, maybe we can entice John Oliver to do a video or two about HOAs?

Link to John Oliver on Special Districts



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