NV: Spring Creek HOA wants to become a town

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Spring Creek Association (SCA) in Elko, Nevada, with a population of more than 12,000,  will be considering options to do away with its homeowners’ association, or at least reduce the Association’s roles and responsibilities. The Board has decided to move forward with plans to hire a consultant to perform a feasibility study on possible transition of SCA to a town or special district (known as a general improvement district in NV).

According to recently hired SCA President/General Manager, Jessie Bahr, there are a number of options up for discussion, and resident input will be part of the process.


Spring Creek Association to discuss becoming a town

“We have an incorporation committee and what they’ve been tasked with the last few months is if we should continue to operate as an HOA,” Spring Creek Association President Jessie Bahr said. “We’ve gotten far enough with that committee and I think we need a professional who has dealt with this in a consulting capacity to look into alternative analysis. “

Aside from possibly becoming an unincorporated town, the possibility of Spring Creek becoming a general improvement district is also up for discussion.


Here’s video coverage of the new incorporation committee with Jessie Bahr of SCA by KENV-TV


The reasons for considering a change are outlined on the Spring Creek Association website:

The Incorporation Committee of the Spring Creek Association recognizes that the Spring Creek community has reached a crossroads. Spring Creek’s population has grown so that it now rivals neighboring Elko, and the population that first settled the area has changed demographically so that what it needs and values now has evolved from the rural and outdoors focused group that initially became residents. Additionally, issues such as adequate police, fire, water and other services have increasingly been seen as lacking. Finally, the amenities that brought the initial residents to Spring Creek have fallen into varying states of disrepair and are of decreased importance to a growing segment of the area’s residents.

Spring Creek’s extensive amenities include:

  • Golf Course
  • Marina
  • Trap and Skeet
  • Camp Ground
  • Rifle Range
  • Horse Palace, and equestrian center
  • Schuckmann’s, a sport’s complex

According to information publicly posted on the SCA website, the Association currently operates with an annual budget of nearly $4.8 million.

One big maintenance concern is the roads – 150 miles of them – representing about half of the annual budget. Despite millions of dollars spent on roadways, residents are still unhappy with their condition.

For readers who are interested in learning more about Spring Creek Association, Channel 10 KENV-TV did an interview with Bahr recently.

Link to TV interview with SCA President/General Manager Jessie Bahr



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