More Good News from Virginia for Michelle Germano

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


I just received notice from Michelle Germano that the new board of Harbor Walk condo association has cancelled outstanding debt related to unpaid assessments for her unliviable unit that was contaminated with toxic drywall. See for yourself.




Seems like common sense and compassion finally prevailed at Harbor Walk. Thank goodness!

But why did it have to take seven years?

If you’re interested in the back story, tune into to the podcast with long-time HOA advocate Shu Bartholomew: On the Commons with Michelle Germano.

Learn about toxic Chinese drywall – what is it? Learn how it contaminates homes and adversely affects health of residents. Find out what happened to Germano when she discovered the cause of illness affecting herself and some of her neighbors.

Hear about Germano’s  7-year battle with her condo association, as well as her ongoing battle to obtain consumer protection from toxic home products. Why have our state and federal Legislators ignored these issues, and why have they failed to act on behalf of taxpayers?

This hour-long interview is worth your time, and should be shared with family, friends, and colleagues in the market for a home – especially one governed by a mandatory association.

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