Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement Roundup (May 17-31, 2016)

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


More not-so-isolated incidents.


According to allegations in the criminal report, Norman Glavas decided that since he worked so hard as Board Treasurer of Quail Run Association in Boynton Beach, he deserved to cash more than $51,000 in Association checks and use them to pay his mortgage.

(FL) Former treasurer stole over $51K from homeowners association, police say


Helen Lloyd has been arrested for theft exceeding $75,000 from Ocean Towers Condominiums. The reports states that Lloyd is an employee of the association. If convicted, Lloyd faces up to 10 years in state prison.

(NJ) Condo employee charged with theft


Wendy Teresa Robinson, former property Manager of Legacy Park Association, has been charged with theft of $8000. She allegedly wrote checks to herself and used the Association’s credit card for unauthorized purchases.

(GA) Woman accused of stealing from Kennesaw HOA


Two press releases: Danny Juliano, employed by the Property Clerk Division of the NYPD, is accused of embezzlement of $366,000 from Woodbrooke Estates Home Owners Association. Juliano entered a not guilty plea at his recent arraignment, and is due back in Supreme Court on June 30.

(NY)NYPD clerk accused of stealing funds from homeowners

$366K embezzled from Rossville homeowners, D.A. says


The case against Susan Marie Lambert and Michael Anthony continues. The duo is charged with embezzlement of $2.8 million from Woodlake Homeowners Association in San Mateo. Lambert managed the 990-unit master planned community for a decade before her dismissal and arrest. Anthony is classified as a co-conspirator. The Association’s annual budget is nearly $5 million.

(CA) Alleged HOA embezzler to face two felonies: Prosecutors to seek felony, embezzlement charges despite judge’s ruling

Although a judge noted he didn’t believe there was enough to charge Lambert and co-conspirator Michael Anthony Medeiros with forgery, he agreed prosecutors had enough to charge for felony embezzlement, said Assistant District Attorney Al Serrato. The judge’s agreement with the embezzlement charge allows prosecutors to continue and Serrato said the district attorney plans to proceed with the forgery charge as well.

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