SC HOA “mess” proves difficult to clean up

Shadowmoss homeowners vote to oust board; suit threatened

Warren L. Wise Email Facebook @warrenlancewise
Oct 13 2016 10:05 am Oct 13 4:13 pm

Homeowners in Shadowmoss Plantation voted Wednesday to oust the current board of directors, setting up what’s expected to be a protracted legal tussle over control of the West Ashley neighborhood.

By a vote of 344 — the disgruntled homeowners needed 325 votes — the disaffected homeowners decided to remove the current seven-member board and install a new nine-member regime, according to Rebecca O’Grady, who led the effort to change the board’s makeup.

The new board members include Kelly Gaskins, Mike Duck, Steve Taylor, John Nelson, Lin Bennett, Lauren Cushing, Artemiy Zheltov, Curt Norman and Ron McCullum. The association’s bylaws allow up to nine members.

“We are hoping for a peaceful transition,” O’Grady said.

That is not expected to happen.
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Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Every year, quite a few states launch legislative efforts to improve the “mess” that exists in so many homeowners, condominium, and cooperative associations.

More often than not, those efforts fail. More on why that’s the case in a moment. First, let’s look at today’s example of HOA dysfunction.

South Carolina is a hotbed of HOA controversy in recent years. The following Live 5 News report features Shadowmoss Plantation HOA in West Ashley. Shadow “Mess” – as it has been dubbed by frustrated homeowners – is the textbook example of everything that can and does go wrong in an Association Governed Housing community: lack of transparency, poor communication, financial mismanagement, an abusive collection process for past due accounts, and heavy-handed enforcement of petty rules. And, of course, Shadowmoss exhibits the typical “us vs. them” mentality that divides so many HOAs into opposing factions.

Shadowmoss is…

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