Group of Iowa citizens working on HOA legislation for 2017

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Iowa homeowner Judy Shepard has been meeting monthly with a group of concerned citizens to work on homeowners association (HOA) legislation.

The name of the group is Association Representatives Meeting to Share (ARMS). If you are interested in attending a meeting, you can send an email to

The group plans to model several provision of the Kansas Uniform Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights (KUCIOBORA), such as requirements for pre-sale disclosure and open board meetings. Also recommended are financial protocols to prevent fraud, theft, and embezzlement, HOA election reforms, member access to association documents. The bill will also address required timelines for developer turnover, including the establishment of a transition team to help ease the process.

According to Shepard:

We currently have Iowa Code 499A which applies to cooperatives and 499B which is Horizontal Property (Condominiums). These do not cover those living in planned communities or townhomes.

Last year, Brian Meyer (D),Representative from District 33 introduced HF 2021. It was the same bill that had previously been introduced but failed. Last year’s bill died in Committee. There was a lot of influence by a local developer to “kill the bill”.

This year, Sandy Salmon (R) and Brian Meyer (D) both Representatives of the Iowa House, have agreed to sponsor bills. Drafting is currently underway.





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