Update on NC deficient dams, HOA lake communities

Update on Rayconda HOA, NC. Original blog post below.
Several other lake commuities are also affected, and it will cost millions to repair dams if owners want to maintain their lakes.

Bill Kirby Jr. : Repairing dams, roads, lakes costly proposition
Jan 13, 2017 Updated Jan 13, 2017 (1)
Matthew did a number on four of this city’s earthen dams, and the October storm has left us with some hefty repair costs.

“The assessments for Arran Lakes dam, Devonwood Lower dam and Mirror Lake dam have been completed,” says Giselle Rodriguez, with the city’s Engineering and Infrastructure department.

The Rayconda dam, Rodriguez says, has been breached by the state, and replaced with a culvert to provide emergency access.

Here, Rodriguez says, are the repair costs for the streets and the dams:

$3.8 million for Arran Lake.

$2.9 million for Devonwood.

$1.9 million for Mirror Lake in the VanStory Hills neighborhood.

“Those numbers are to reconstruct the dams to state standards, which will allow for the lake to be impounded,” Rodriguez says. “It also includes the cost of the road.”

There is suggestion that neighborhood residents may have to pay up to 90 percent of the dam repairs under a city policy, but the city is researching and studying ways to ease that burden on homeowners.

As for Arran Lake, the city will repair the roadway along Bingham Drive, but not the homeowners’ privately-owned dam.

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