Not all homeowners find value in HOA corporations. Some want to dissolve them.

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


This week, Shu Bartholomew and I talk about homeowners who want to disband their HOAs, and highlight a few communities that are taking concrete steps to do so.

The truth is, contrary to marketing hype, association governance does not ensure higher property values, nor does it foster a true sense of community. As we discuss, living in an association governed common interest community often costs more, and offers less value than owning property without private governance and shared ownership.

Whether you currently own a property in a homeowners’, condominium, or cooperative association, or are in the market to buy a home, you will find this week’s podcast of interest.  You may also want to share it with family and friends who plan to sell their homes in traditional neighborhoods, and then retire to a planned community. Small scale real estate investors, take note as well.

Click below to listen to the podcast. Thank you for reading and listening.

On the Commons: Shu Bartholomew and Deborah Goonan (April 29,2017)

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