Struggling Golf Courses spark complaints from HOA communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


An oversupply of golf courses, many of then integrated into planned communities, has led to hundreds of golf business owners deciding to sell and move on. But what will become of former golf course land?



Will the circle be unbroken: Walden Lake golf course gets a trim, new plan for the future (FL)

Manager Lynn Archibald says owner Visions Golf is out and he will be revitalizing the course.

by: Daniel Figueroa IV Staff Writer
Mowing, among other improvements, has begun around the golf course at Walden Lake.

It’s become part of a routine that could soon end. The grass at Walden Lake Golf and Country Club gets a little too long, the city says something about it, the grass gets cut.

June 30, 2017
Plant City Observer

“We go through this every year about the same time,” Code Enforcement Manager Tray Towles said. “I will give him (course manager Lynn Archibald) credit. He has done a pretty outstanding job of keeping it up.”

“I promised an 18-hole, premier golf course. That’s still what I want to do.”
— Manager Lynn Archibald
The blighted golf course at Walden Lake, once a thriving central Florida destination for pro and amateur golfers alike, has become a nuisance for many in the surrounding Walden Lake neighborhoods. Residents and passers-by in the deed-restricted community have recently flooded the city’s code enforcement department with complaints about the 36-hole course’s current state.

Towles said Lynn Archibald, the course’s manager, is usually responsive and takes care of any code issues with no fuss. However, the city has laws governing when it can step in. Ten is the magic number. Code enforcement, Towles said, cannot begin to act until the grass grows over 10 inches. As a courtesy, Towles issues a verbal warning to every citizen when his department notices code violations, allowing them time to correct the issue. He pays special attention to the course, he said.

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A new golf course manager takes ownership of long neglected Walden Lakes golf course and country club, with ambitious plans to refurbish it. But homeowners remain skeptical afer the previous owner allowed the course to fall into a state of disrepair.



Residents Gear Up for Legal Fight Over Proposed High School at Wildcreek Golf Course (NV)

July 6, 2017 Bob Conrad

Wildcreek homeowners are considering legal action to prevent the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) from transferring to the Washoe County School District (WCSD) the Wildcreek Golf Course for construction of a new high school.

The land transfer is illegal, said attorney Steven Bus, who is voluntarily representing the Wildcreek Homeowners Association to prevent the high school from being built at the course, which is managed by RSCVA. “It is as clear as reflected in the statutes that the Nevada Legislature did not intend a public high school to qualify as a recreational facility.”

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Residents Gear Up for Legal Fight Over Proposed High School at Wildcreek Golf Course

Homeowners living adjacent to a publicly owned golf course object to using a portion of the land to construct a new high school in the near future.


Bank looks to foreclose on Valley View Golf Course (AR)

Story by Scarlet Sims

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Monday, July 17, 2017

FAYETTEVILLE — A bank has asked a judge to foreclose on the multimillion-dollar Valley View golf course that has been embroiled in lawsuits and environmental complaints for years.

The Bank of Fayetteville filed a lawsuit in Washington County Circuit Court on June 9 to foreclose on 140 acres that make up the Golf Club at Valley View.

Valley View Golf Course LLC and its agents owe a principle amount of $1.5 million and interest is accruing, according to the complaint. The property is between Farmington and Prairie Grove.

“The bank can make demand [on the loan] at any time,” said Kyle Unser, an attorney representing the bank.
Unser said in his complaint the course’s owners paid the monthly installment late, are entangled in lawsuits that hurt their ability to repay the loan and are delinquent in federal taxes.

Don Kendall, a local attorney for the golf course, said he couldn’t talk about the lawsuit.

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After years of contentious lawsuits with the Valley View HOA, the golf course owner cannot afford to make mortgage payments. 


Coffee Creek neighbors say no way to 191 houses (OK)

By Diana Baldwin | July 17, 2017


EDMOND — Nearby homeowners say the construction of 191 single family homes isn’t going to happen on the land that was once the Coffee Creek Golf Course in northwest Edmond.

“There is no way we are going to sit by and let this happen,” said Tonya Coffman, president of the Coffee Creek Homeowners Association. “We have several options.”

Coffman would not explain their options.

A preliminary plat for the proposed development has been filed with the city’s planning department.

Surrounding property owners have hired an attorney and plan to fight the development on 181 acres that was once a golf course in their backyards for decades.

“Homeowners are so tired of allowing them to turn dirt and rip out another tree,” Coffman said. “Things have gotten out of hand.”

Randel Shadid, attorney for new property owners SACC Investments LLC, said the zoning for the property will not have to be addressed because it is already zoned single family.

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Homeowners in Coffee Creek HOA oppose construction of new homes on the former golf course. They are also concerned that commercial property could be built on the site in the future. Either way, property values will decrease, says one homeowner – Realtor. 

Old Paradise Pines Golf Course now a fire hazard? (CA)

By Eli Stillman,, @EliStillman13 on Twitter
POSTED: 07/21/17, 3:19 PM PDT | UPDATED: 2 DAYS AGO
By Eli Stillman

Magalia >> The same residents who were once drawn to live near a lush green golf course in Magalia now look out their back windows in fear.

Dead grass and overgrown weeds have turned the former fairways of the Paradise Pines Golf Course into a 40-acre fire hazard.

Backing up to yards on either side of the course, the former nine-hole spread could pose an immediate threat to hundreds of residents as it stretches through the heavily wooded area.

Wildfires popping up throughout Butte County, combined with the lack of maintenance, has some of those homeowners concerned for their safety. Many suspect the dried-up course, which closed in 2014, could spread flames to their properties should a fire occur.

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Paradise Pines Golf Course closed in 2014, a casualty of prolonged drought in California. The dry conditions continue, and adjacent property owners fear that tall dry grass from the golf course could be consumed by a wildfire, threatening their homes.


City of Pflugerville will not purchase Blackhawk Golf Club (TX)

Nicole Barrios Austin Community Newspapers Staff
10:56 a.m. Friday, July 28, 2017 Pflugerville

The future of the Blackhawk Golf Club remains in jeopardy following a statement from the city that it has no interest in purchasing the beleaguered property.

City spokeswoman Terri Toledo said city officials are unable to find a viable option in purchasing the course, which is located on Kelly Lane east of Texas 130.

“The city doesn’t have the finances to pay for a $1 million to $5 million purchase at this time,” Toledo said in the statement.

Residents surrounding the golf course have strived the past several months in saving the golf course. Mike Ussery, who owns the golf course, has said he is open to selling the golf course to developers who may redevelop the property for ranch-style homes or other residential development. Ussery told the Pflag in June he is selling his properties as he plans for retirement.

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The golf course owner is ready to retire, and hoping to sell the land to a developer who will build new homes on the land. The HOA approached the City to consider purchasing the course, but the City is not interested in taking on another financial burden. Owners could consider buying the golf course, and provide ongoing maintenance thorough HOA fees. 


Golf course ownership becoming a tough market in Las Vegas


Review Journal

July 30, 2017 – 10:52 am
The list has been getting longer for the number of golf course owners in Las Vegas that have sold or entered bankruptcy in the past couple of years. Many of these courses have been attached to communities where residents feared things such as closure, redevelopment or long periods of uncertainty because of litigation.

Well-known courses such as Badlands, Legacy Golf Club and Silverstone Golf Club were just a few of the names that are set to see changes. There are roughly 60 golf courses in Las Vegas and some of the surrounding areas.
“I don’t think at this point it’s known for any of them, but they’re certainly in various stages of moving onto something different than a golf course,” said George Garcia, owner of Las Vegas-based G.C. Garcia Inc., a land planning and development services firm.

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Golf course ownership becoming a tough market in Las Vegas

A summary of troubled golf courses in Las Vegas 

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